MENU Aldeburgh Photography Group

Aldeburgh Photography Group was founded in 2013 to serve Aldeburgh and the neighbouring towns and villages. We are an independent group and not affiliated to any regional or national bodies. We are delighted to welcome new members whatever their current level of expertise and you will be made to feel at home.

The Group's aim is to help members develop their photographic skills through tutorials, a wide variety of lectures designed to inspire ventures into new areas of photography, and from regular discussions of members’ work. We aim to provide helpful, constructive comments to support members in their efforts to improve. Recently, we have extended our activities into field workshops and intend to develop further into practical sessions at our spacious venue.

We are already being asked to support other local groups, including The Aldeburgh Carnival Committee with photographic material and we hope that this will continue. Members have a range of interests, skills and experience and the Group’s programme aims to give them the topics that they want to hear about and the scope to show their work on a regular basis and to interact with fellow members.