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19 June 2019Thinking Colour to see Black and White
17 July 2019Processing Landscapes using Lightroom
21 August 2019Visit to Another Local Camera Club
18 September 2019Club Outing to Southwold
16 October 2019Club Evening
20 November 2019A Year on the Coast
18 December 2019Members Forum Chaired by Shelly Nott ARPS & Hugh de Las Casas

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Thinking Colour to see Black and White Alan Sarsby Wednesday 19 June 2019

Alan will introduce us to a variety of approaches and techniques that a photographer can use to understand a scene even before they raise the camera to their eye, so that the colour picture can be converted into a great monochrome image. He will give an interactive presentation introducing the principles of what makes a good monochromatic image followed by a practical session where club members assess a panel of images to decide if they would make good mono images.

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