Until we can meet again face to face, we have run meetings online using ZOOM software. This is pretty easy to use and it won’t cost you anything. You can download it from the webpage If you need help, there are some short video guides. There is a video showing how to signup and download the package (only 2 minutes 23 seconds). If you don’t use Microsoft Outlook and don’t use Firefox or Chrome, don’t worry. In that case, you just need the desktop app. (Of course if any of these do apply, you will need to follow the guidance shown in this video.). There is another video showing how to join a meeting (lasting 1 minute 9 seconds). Finally there is a video showing how to test or change settings after you have joined a meeting; this lasts 1 minute 42 seconds. And remember that once zoom is installed and working, you could use it to speak to friends and family.

If anyone has problems with this, please let Stuart know and he will try and help. Even if the setup seems satisfactory, you are recommended to test your audio settings in advance by going to

The link to join our meeting will be sent round by email. This is intended to be confidential to members of the group. If you don’t receive this, please ask Stuart.

When the covid-19 rules allow, we will meet once again in the Aldeburgh Library, Victoria Rd, Aldeburgh IP15 5EG, on the third Wednesday of every month. The doors are open at 7pm, allowing time for informal discussion and advice. The programme starts at 7.30pm and runs to 9.30pm. Variations to this regular programme, if there are any, will appear on the Programme page on this website. The Library has flexible seating arrangements, which suit our needs very well. There is a digital display system and so we show most of our photographs as digitally projected images (DPIs). There is plenty of car parking space nearby.