Film Photography

This page gives links to resources relevant to film photography.

  • Analogue Wonderland – wide range of films including some rare ones. BW, colour print and slide/reversal processing and ECN2 processing.
  • Wex Photographic – most popular films in 35mm and 120mm formats.
  • Harman Lab – processing BW and colour negative film. Harman Lab are the company behind Ilford films.

There are 5 types of film. The main sizes of film are 35 and 120, although some films are available in 110, 127 and 620 formats. The latter is the size of film for a Kodak Box Brownie.

Three main films are BW negative, colour negative and colour slide/reversal. Rarer types are ECN2 (Eastman Colour Negative) and BW slide/reversal.

Colour print uses the C41 process and processing (negatives only) costs £6. BW print film (negatives only) costs £8. ECN2 applies to films using movie film stock and processing is £11. ECN2 developing may only be available at specific labs. Regretfully BW slide/reversal processing is not available in the UK at present. Prices are just for processing as negatives. Prints will cost extra and most labs will provide a service to scan the negatives at various resolutions with extra cost. Colour slide/reversal processing cost around £12.50.

Film costs are fairly low for BW print with lots of choice. Rolls are available around £5 and upwards. Colour print costs £8 and upwards. Colour slide/reversal films are not process paid and cost £9.50 and upwards. The more expensive rolls of film (£18.50 BW, £24 colour print, £28 colour slide/reversal) are more specialist emulsions.

All prices quoted above were checked March 2024. Postage costs may apply in addition.

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